Alef++{new Programming Language}

Why "Alef++"?

Well, some day I'm bored -- no project no idea --, but magically, i Googling a magical words "Creating my own programming language", by finding, reading, and testing some Open Source projects based in Java Virtual Machine like ObjectScript, Sleep, JRuby ..., i want to create my own dynamic programming language with a design like Perl. but recently, Artificial Intelligence has attracted my curiosity by programming with Lisp.

After, i decided to forge a revolutionary design for a programming language, between my imagination and (Perl, Lisp) syntax, by giving birth for Alef++.



Alef++, is a new programming language like Perl and Lisp syntax, with a many changing in classical languages designs.

`Language, Just For Fun` :

__ try it 
sub say : void {
	System->out->println[ $0#0 ];

	my $life % <- { 
		Games		=> ['Street Fights' , 'The King of Fighters', 'GTA'],
		Programming	=> ['Alef++', 'Perl', 'Java'] , 
		Hacking		=> 'Just For Fun ;)' 
	say[ + '`Language, ' $life\Hacking '`' ];

Beyond the Basics :

Project news